i am me;
20. female. australia. I have Aspergers Syndrome and OCD, but I dont let them define me.

~Orphan Black
~Game of Thrones
~American Horror Story
~Harry Potter

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First attempt at stiryfry #stirfry #cooking #kebabs #veggies #nom #unilyf #yum #dinner #cookingnovice #personal

Georgia’s birthday! :D #birthday #dinner #friend #town #dressedup #smile #bluehair #glasses #eyeliner #personal




so mary wanted to escape her past and she tried to have a normal life and she married john and lied about her past to him and for a while they were happy together until mary’s past caught up to her

am i talking about sherlock or supernatural


Extra hints! Mary’s blonde and knows how to fight!

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i’m not cool. i’m like the opposite of cool. wait shit that’s hot. i’m not that either. i’m not hot. i’m probably just. luke warm. room temperature, maybe

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two years ago i was licking a lollipop and some dude said “watching a girl eat a lollipop is a great way to see how well she gives blowjobs” so i bit the lollipop in half and spit it out 

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The most uncomfortable thing ever
10/10 would not recommend



And here we can see the Blogger in her natural habitat.


The blogger is a shy, docile creature…


… that prefers the darkness…


… and tends to be wary of the outside world.


The Blogger rarely sleeps, and when it does, it does so in seemingly random places.image

We have attempted to understand the dietary habits of the Blogger…


… but to no avail.


I am so glad this is back

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Anonymous: how is that homophobic? i have gay friends and support them all the way, but i don't believe in gay marriage.




your gay friends are all talking shit behind your back 100%

Yeah, you support them all the way.. We’ll most of the way.. We’ll some of the way.. Clearly not as far as marriage.. Cause marriage ain’t for gays.. Or something

You hear so many of these people say, “I have a lot of gay friends but don’t believe in same sex marriage”, but you never hear gay people say “I’ve lots of friends who think it should be illegal for me to marry the person I love”.

So, here’s a PSA for everyone who is against marriage equality, but thinks they have gay friends. You probably don’t. What you have are gay acquaintances who have learned to quietly put up with your bullshit because it’s the path of least resistance and they just don’t have the energy to “My Fair Lady” your ass into being a decent human being.



Claw trap. Touch that belly and you’ll have a permanent kitty attached to your forearm

Look at his lil feeeeeet awwwww

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Went kayaking with my girlfriend and we made the cutest friend!

excuse me WHY are his hands up i cant handle this

pick him up

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those posts you find really funny but made by ppl you hate


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